Mihovil RADAUS
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You need a
unique and
looking website.
Mihovil Radauš - professional web designer
Projects I worked on
Who AM I?

I'm Batman! Okay, maybe not.

I’m a lot’s of things, actually.
A web designer and develop-
er, UI designer, multimedia
creator,Wordpress developer,
Linux enthusiast as well as an
amateur musician and beer lover.

I’ve build up my skills working for the
biggest media company in Central Europe,
Eurpapress Holding,as well as freelancing
on a number of projects.

Why should you hire me? Well...
I’ll create for you a unique and
sophistically designed product
developed specifically for your
needs. Your product matters
to me and I can assure you
that my heart and soul will
be poured into every tiny pixel.

I can do all sorts of graphic stuff
logos, posters, bussines cards and
whatnot.If it’s related to graphic design
- I’ll do it! Heck, I even made a cd cover once!

I'm currently
busy for hiring.
Feel free to